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Introduction 狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网简介

狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网——中外文化互译合作平台

Chinese Culture Translation & Studies Support Network

Sino-Foreign Cultural Translation & Cooperation Platform


发现·翻译·创作·分享最好的狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化作品

Discover, Translate, Create & Share the Best Works of Chinese Culture



Sharing Culture, Sharing Mind.

Great Works, for ALL Languagues.



????狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网(cctss.org)是一个旨在帮助世界各国多语言读者和观众及时发现、翻译、创作和分享优秀狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化作品的公益服务平台,致力于为关注狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化的全球读者、观众、译者、专业人士提供找作品、找翻译、找资助、找渠道等服务,支持狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快与世界各国之间、文化机构之间开展深入广泛的文化互译合作。

????狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网由狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化部外联局与北京语言大学共建的狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化翻译与传播研究中心负责运营。网站作为一个联通政府、学术、民间需求与资源的公益平台,自2015年开设以来,已与全球60多个国家开展一对一国别互译合作交流,与1000余家中外出版、影视、艺术、文博、科教、媒体等机构、50余个中外书展、影展、文化艺术交流平台、10余家国际互联网传播平台、2000余名中外作家、作者、译者达成良好合作,邀请200余名高水平中外专家参与策划,组建了30多个语种的中外语言互译专委会以及文学、出版、影视、艺术、学术、地方文化等10个作品推荐专委会,开设了多个文化翻译项目工作小组,为帮助全球译者和读者选择、推荐、译介、推广最优秀的狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化作品奠定了基础。

? ? 截止2016年底,网站已入库了3000多部狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快主题作品,发布了一系列狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作品翻译与创作支持指南,促成了300多部狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化作品通过网站协作实现简介、样章、片花、全文译介、国际签约合作及推广,包括文学作品《敌人》、儿童文学《第八号街灯》、电影《归来》、纪录片《南海一号》、电视剧《琅琊榜》、《温州一家人》等。2017年,网站还将正式推出“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”应用,优化技术设计,完善作品体系,直接面向全球读者实现“一站式检索、一键式翻译”的便捷化服务。

What is CCTSS?

Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support Network (cctss.org) is a non-profit platform to help global Chinese culture readers and viewers discover, translate, create and share high quality works of Chinese culture. It helps international readers, viewers, translators and professionals to find suitable works, facilitate their translation and creation, find subsidies and partnerships, and provides solid support to cultural institutions and administrations of China and other countries for their mutual cultural translation and cooperation initiatives.

滚球盘bet365网址多少Operated by the Chinese Culture Translation & Studies Support Research Center under the joint initiative of Beijing Language and Culture University and the Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, CCTSS.org serves as a public platform to connect and bridge the needs and resources of governments, the intelligentsia and the public.Since its inception in 2015, it has launched one-on-one bilateral exchange on mutual cultural translation with over 60 countries of the world, established partnership with over 1000 publishing, film & TV, art,culture, museum, research, education and media organizations across the world, forged strategic relations with over 50 international book fairs, film festivals, cultural flagship programs and 10 major global internet companies and attracted over 2000 writers, editors, translators and publishers into its talents bank, invited over 200 experts to forge over 30 language panels and 10 work selection panels covering areas like literature, publishing, film & TV, art, academics and local culture and fostered a few dozens of cultural translation program workshops, which became a solid springboard for global translators and readers to discover, recommend, translate and promote high quality works on Chinese culture.

By?the end of 2016, CCTSS.org?has built a database of more than 3,000 China-related works?in many languages.?It published a series of guidelines for the subsidies of translation and creation?for China-related works, and helped more than 300 Chinese cultural?works?to complete, edit, translate their?synopses, sample?chapters, movie clips?and?full texts,?as well as helping them realize international cooperation and reach international market and readership,?including Ge Fei’s?The Enemy, Cao Wenxuan’s?No. 8?Streetlight, film?Coming Home, documentary?Nanhai?No. 1?and?TV drama?Nirvana in Fire, and?Family?on the Go, etc.. In 2017, it?will also officially release?the App of “China?Readers’?Club”, which will be equipped with optimized?technical design?and more reader-friendly interface, so as to?create a one-stop-for-all experience of?“easy searching, easy translating” for global users.


“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”多语言作品库包括什么内容,如何使用?

? ? “狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”多语言作品库目前主要由网站专业作者和版权机构发布的作品组成,覆盖了狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化的诸多方面,内容包括:文学、诗歌、艺术、生活、历史、文博、社科、学术、科技、科普、哲学、思想、电影、电视、纪录片、动漫游戏、歌曲演艺、手工、视觉艺术、地方志书、民间文化等。待翻译的作品通过网站发布后,可由专业会员参与其简介、资讯、评论等内容的编辑、翻译、样章翻译,并通过专业渠道推介给全球出版、影视、文化机构,以便促成合作。成功参与促成作品译介的会员将在网站上获得积分奖励、稿酬、荣誉等回报。

? ? 2017年起,“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”将在已有的3000余部作品基础上进一步拓展内容,开设面向外国读者的“需求作品清单”服务,邀请全球读者发布主题需求、发起兴趣投票,向中外版权机构、作者和译者主动提出、寻找、创造、众筹自己想看的作品。网站将为具有资质的专业阅读推广人才和机构将开设“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”导赏专栏,帮助世界读者发现更好的狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作品,让更多读者能够由浅入深、由远及近地走进丰富的狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化。

? ? 目前,全球狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快主题作品的作者、版权机构均可申请在网站上开设作品发布页面,通过网站开展编辑和翻译协作。全球译者亦可通过注册成为会员后,参与相关作品的译介工作。2017年起,全球狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化爱好者、专业人士和普通读者还可以通过下载和关注“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”应用、关注狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网全球社交账号、浏览“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”专栏,获取作品信息,申请部分作品的免费阅读或欣赏机会。

What does?the Multilingual Library?of CCTSS.org include??How to use it?

The multilingual?library of CCTSS.org is currently composed of works published by professional authors and copyright agencies, covering many aspects of Chinese culture, including: literature, poetry, art, life, history, culture, museum, social science,?academic research, science and technology, popular science, philosophy, ideology, film, television, documentary, cartoon games, song collections, handcrafts, visual arts, local chronicles?and?folk culture. Author members can issue these?works, including its basic information and need for translation or promotion,?on?the website, and professional editor/translator members can participate in the editing, polishing and sample chapter translation of synopses,?information and reviews, and promote these?works?through professional partnerships to global publishing, film and television, and cultural institutions. Members who have successfully?participated?in these?translation initiatives will be rewarded by?the site through credit, remuneration, honor and other returns.

From?2017, CCTSS.org?will further expand the content?of CCTSS library?beyond the existing 3,000 works and provide a new service of “wishlist service”?for foreign readers, invite?global readers to issue their interested topics, initiate wishlist works voting and let the copyright agencies, authors and translators know their interests, needs and potential buying motivation.?In doing so, readers will be able to?propose, select and?create?their own favorite?works?and even launch?crowd-funding?for such works. CCTSS will create a special column of “China?Readers’?Club” for professional critics and “reading guides”?to help readers find better Chinese works, so that more readers can?get closer, deeper and more comprehensive view of the Chinese culture.

At present, the authors?and the copyright agencies?with works of Chinese themes?can apply to join the CCTSS.org?website, create author profile and pages for individual works?and?launch?co-editing and translation collaboration?endeavors through the website. Global translators can also participate in the translation of related works by registering as professional members. From 2017, global Chinese culture?lovers, professionals and all readers can also download the App “China Readers’?Club”, follow?the CCTSS.org global?social network?accounts, browse?the column?of “China Readers’?Club”, gain access to latest works, and apply?for?some free reading chances.


如何成为“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”会员?会员可以享受什么服务?

为保证服务质量和专业水平,目前,“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”会员需通过推荐、申请或邀请加入,符合下述条件的同仁可以申请会员资格并享受相应服务,您也可以将身边符合条件的朋友推荐给我们:

读者会员(“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”沙龙成员):热爱狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快,对狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化主题或作品感兴趣的海外读者或观众,可在网站留言或通过“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”邮箱(readers@cctss.org)提出自己想要阅读、观看、购买的狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作品及其语言种类、感兴趣的作者和类型,分析该类型作品的本国需求,并向狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网推荐本国有可能引进、翻译该作品的机构、个人线索。网站将对提出合理建议的投稿人进行正式约稿合作和奖励,并邀请其作为读者会员(“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”沙龙成员)加入网站。读者会员通过参与网站投稿、作品评论、线索提供等活动,可不定期获得狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网提供的电子书、纸质书、影视作品等奖品,优先参加并发起“阅读狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快”沙龙主题活动,获得访谈、与狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作家互动、到狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化目的地开展深度访学等机会。

专业个人或机构会员:有狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化作品译介传播经验或明确意向,希望通过网站选译、引进、传播狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作品、寻找合作伙伴与工作机会的专业译者、出版人和发行商等,可在网站留言或通过网站会员邮箱(members@cctss.org)提交个人简历或机构简介、作品样稿、合作意向等,申请加入网站成为专业个人或机构会员(“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”专业会员)。专业会员可获得会员账号,开设个人或机构专页,介绍个人或机构成果,参与会员社区,在网站上及时获取最新狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作品和专业动态,通过网站发布和选译作品、寻找合作伙伴、申请资助支持,并优先获得参加中外文学出版、影视译制等主题研修、论坛、来华交流以及中外文化互译合作计划等机会。

“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”作者会员:拥有狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快主题作品版权,希望通过网站将其译介成其他语言在世界各国出版、发行、传播的中外相关版权机构和作者,可在网站留言或通过“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”作者联络邮箱(works@cctss.org)申请加入网站成为“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”作者会员。作者会员可获得会员账号,开设个人或机构专页,将其作品推荐到“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”多语言作品库,自主发布或授权网站发布其作品简介、样章、片花或全文等内容,提出其希望译介的语言种类及意向合作伙伴,通过网站邀请专业会员协助其开展作品简介、样章翻译、全文译介、国际合作伙伴推介、资助申报、阅读推广及反馈统计等服务,并优先获得参加狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快作品国际译介与传播能力培训、中外文化互译主题研修、国际交流、参与中外文化互译合作双边计划等机会。


How to become a member of CCTSS.org? And what services can he/she get?

In order to ensure its service quality and professional standard, CCTSS.org membership is based on invitation, recommendation or application. We welcome all professionals of the following qualifications can apply for membership and enjoy related services and hope you could also recommend them to us.

1.?Active?Readers?(Member/Host of “China Readers’ Club”):?Overseas readers or viewers?who love China?and are interested in Chinese culture themes?or works, can post their?feedback?on?the website or send emails to?readers@cctss.org,?providing ideas on?specific Chinese works that they would like to read, view?or?purchase,?including?their language?types, interested authors and genres, possible market in their home country and clues to institutions?and?individuals who have the potential to import?and?translate such?works. The website?will then contact the readers and offer?them?the?membership of Active Readers?(Member/Host of “China Readers’ Club”).?Readers are rewarded occasionally by free e-books, paper books or audiovisual contents upon their?contributions in terms of works recommendations, readership promotion,?on-line reviews?and other promotion activities. These?members can enjoy support for their intitiative in participating and organizing?“China?Readers’?Club”?theme activities, have priorities in getting high-profile interviews, interacting?with?Chinese writers and taking part in in-depth cultural study tours in China.

2.?Professional?Editor/Translator Members:?Professional translators, publishers and distributors, who possess work experiences?or clear intentions of translating Chinese culture works?and?wish?to translate, introduce and promote Chinese works,?or those who would like to take this as a profession, can post their interest?on the?website or apply for?the membership of professional Editor/Translator Members?(professional membership of CCTSS.org).?The professional members can obtain membership accounts, set up individual or institutional pages, introduce personal or institutional achievements, participate in member communities, obtain information and works from latest Chinese works, publish?and select works?for translation, look for partners, apply for funding support, and have?priority to participate in academic training?and?forums?of Chinese and foreign literature publishing, film and television translation and other events, and have priorities in getting?chances of high-level cultural exchange?and taking part in bilateral Sino-Foreign Cultural Translation & Cooperation Support Programs.

3.?Authors:?The Chinese and foreign copyright agencies and authors?who obtain the copyrights of Chinese theme?works and hope to translate the works into other languages which can be published, distributed and disseminated in the world, can leave posts?on?the website?or send emails to?works@cctss.org?to apply for the author membership of CCTSS.org. The author members?can obtain membership?accounts, set up individual or institutional pages, present?their?works?to the multilingual?library?of CCTSS.org, self-publish or authorize website to release?the?synopses, sample?chapters, film?clips?or full texts?for further editing and translation.?The author members can submit the targeted language types and intended?partners, and?invite professional members to assist in the synopsis writing, sample translation, full text translation, as well as seeking international partnership, applying for fund?and?organizing promotion?activities and getting feedback statistics, and have?priorities?in?participating?in?workshops about Chinese and foreign cultural translation, international exchanges, as well as taking part in bilateral Sino-Foreign Cultural Translation & Cooperation Support Programs.


如何参与“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”工作,或与网站开展合作?

狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网是一个公益服务平台,欢迎中外专家、志愿者、媒体合作伙伴的参与和支持。如果您是下述人才,请联系我们:

专家会员:具有五年以上中外文化交流与互译合作项目管理、外交、学术、创作经验,公益责任心强,语言水平高,可参与狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网中外文化互译合作计划项目策划管理或作品质量评审、内容编辑审校的中外资深专家,可在网站留言或通过“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”作者邮箱(editor@cctss.org)提交个人简介、经验证明,由网站邀请成为“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”专家会员,在网站开设个人专页和工作账号,加入相关小组,参与网站学术研讨、内容管理、专家交流等工作。

2、志愿者会员:对“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”项目感兴趣,希望参与支持网站运营与日常联络的专职、兼职编辑、联络员、项目秘书和志愿者,可将简历投送给网站招聘邮箱(jobs@cctss.org),申请加入网站作为“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”志愿者会员,参与网站服务。

3、媒体会员/合作伙伴:对“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”内容感兴趣,希望在网站开设本国语言专页、并用本国语言在本国媒体转载或共建网站内容的国际媒体合作伙伴,可在网站留言或向“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”媒体邮箱(media@cctss.org)提交机构或个人简介,核实后获得“狗万 取现步骤_狗万访问限制_狗万提现真快文化译研网”媒体会员/合作伙伴身份,参与相关内容与渠道合作。


How to join?the team of?CCTSS.org, or cooperate with the website?

????CCTSS.org?is a?non-profit?platform. It needs the support and?participation of Chinese and foreign experts, volunteers?and?media partners. If you are?interested in the following membership/jobs, please contact us:

1.?CCTSS?Expert?Panel Members:?Chinese and foreign senior experts?with?over?five years?managerial, diplomatic, academic?or?creative experience?in Chinese and foreign cultural exchange and translation cooperation projects?who have?a strong sense of public responsibility and high level of language skills, and are willing to participate in the Chinese and foreign cultural cooperation project management, quality review, content editing and revision work?can leave a post on the website or send emails to?editor@cctss.org?with a resume and an experience certificate. Once qualifited, they will be invited by the website to become a Expert Panel Member. A personal web page and a professional account will be created. And members can join relevant panels and participate in website-related?academic research, content management and expert exchange, etc..

CCTSS Volunteers:?Volunteers who are interested to work in CCTSS.org as full-time or part-time editors, liaisons?or?project secretaries?can help to?support the?website operation and daily maintenance, resumes?should be sent to?Jobs@cctss.org?and volunteer work will be recognized by authoratative institutions.

3.?CCTSS?Media Members/Partners:?International media partners?who are interested in the content of CCTSS.org, and hope to set up pages on the website in?their own languages, reprint the content in their domestic media or?contribute to website content,?can leave a post on the website?or submit an institutional?or personal profile to?media@cctss.org. After verification,?media?members/partners?will be invited to?participate in the relevant content and partnership?cooperation.


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CCTSS.org welcomes the visits of all international and domestic partners, experts, translators, readers, media and friends, and looks forward to joining hands with all partners for the promotion of cultural translation & cooperation across the world.Contacts:



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